TechSec Solutions Education Program 2019

This year’s TechSec Solutions’ theme—Securing a Connected World—looks at how new technologies are being used in real-life scenarios and how they are leveraged by security professionals—integrators, consultants, manufacturers and end users—to provide cost-efficient and highly effective security services and solutions, all for the betterment of the entire security industry.

DAY ONE - MONDAY, FEB. 25, 2019

Integrator State of the Union
Speaker: Bill Bozeman, CEO and President, PSA Security

Bill Bozeman

As President and CEO of PSA, the world’s largest system integrator cooperative with members generating $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations, Bill Bozeman will provide an “Integrator State of the Union,” giving a unique glimpse at the key technology trends impacting integrators and the industry today, while looking at which ones have the greatest potential and present the greatest challenges moving forward.

He will also look at what the most successful integrators are doing today to navigate the ever-changing playing field within security, from increasing their company valuation, to moving to a more managed services, recurring revenue-based business model that is becoming more prevalent today.

Don’t miss this chance to hear an industry legend give his views on what companies need to do today to thrive in the security industry.

Protecting, Storing and Leveraging Data

With the rise in state-of-the-art GSOCs, security command centers and data centers, this session is focused around protecting, storing and leveraging data, as well as looking at how security professionals are successfully running and securing these facilities with key topics of discussion to include:

  • Big Data/Data Mining: Integrating and leveraging systems and data to improve business and become more predictive, preventive with security.
  • Analytics: Including the role of AI, machine learning and neural networks.
  • Storage Solutions: From on-premises to the cloud.
  • Cybersecurity, Cloud and the IT-physical security convergence.
  • Bandwidth and Connectivity: What are the challenges and what is possible today?
  • Virtualization and automation capabilities within these facilities.

Cliff Dice, CEO and President, DICE Corp.
Greg Mummah, Senior Sales Engineer, Strategic Accounts, Everbridge
Ty Richmond, President, Integrated Security Solutions and Technology, Allied Universal

Moderator: Daniel Gundry, Director of National Control Room Sales, Vistacom

How to Train and Retain a Tech-Savvy Sales Force

Speaker: Gretchen Gordon, President and Sales Team Transformation Expert, Braveheart Sales Performance

With the rapid advancement and adoption of new technologies within security today, one of the greatest challenges is finding, developing and keeping good talent. As a sales team transformation expert, Gretchen Gordon works with security companies, integrators and manufacturers to help them not only improve sales performance, but also give them an effective strategy on hiring and retention, while showing them the importance of adapting to stay profitable and relevant.

She will also address how integrators today can begin to add more managed services to their existing business model, and benefit from recurring revenue, which only helps to improve your company’s overall worth/valuation, credit worthiness and profitability.

This session will teach you how to get your sales force up to speed on how to sell new technology in a quickly changing security landscape.

Securing a Connected World: How the New Converged Standard is Changing Everything

The world we live in is connected through technology in myriad ways, making the job of security that much more complex and challenging, especially with the convergence of IT and physical security. While the technology is there to make the dream of smart buildings, businesses and cities a reality, these industry experts will look at how the new converged standard for security makes it all possible.

Samuel D. Trotman, Integrated Technology, Director, KLJ Inc.
Peter W. Rung, CEO, NCODED Communications

Moderator: Pierre Bourgeix, President, ESICONVERGENT

Securing a Connected World: From Buildings to Schools to Communities

This diverse panel of security professionals has a wealth of experience securing what has become a truly connected world, from buildings and businesses, to schools and stadiums, to smart communities and cities. The combined know-how of this group will provide some tangible takeaways, and practical examples on how to leverage new technology to secure both the physical and IT side of the equation. See how all stakeholders are partnering and working together to create a vast and comprehensive network of surveillance and security success stories that go beyond protecting just one person or one building or one community.

Jim Henry, Executive VP, Corporate Development, Securitas Electronic Security
Robert Millar, Regional Sales Manager, Southeast USA, Intelligent Security Systems
Rob Hile, General Manager - Florida, GC&E Systems Group

Moderator: Josh Cummings, Director, Engineering Services, VTI Security

DAY TWO - TUESDAY, FEB. 26, 2019

Security Industry Mega Panel

In this security mega-panel, leaders from the security industry’s top associations, the Electronic Security Association (ESA), ASIS International and Security Industry Association (SIA), will join TechSec Keynote Speaker Bill Bozeman, CEO and President of the world’s largest system integration collaborative, to look at the current state of the industry, new trends and technologies that are impacting, disrupting and shaping the industry, and what the more successful companies are doing to stay relevant and profitable.

Don Erickson, CEO, Security Industry Association
Merlin J. Guilbeau, CEO, Electronic Security Association Inc.
Michael Gips, Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer, ASIS International
Bill Bozeman, President and CEO, PSA Security

Moderator: Paul Ragusa, Editor, Security Systems News

Cyber and Security: Together, a Shared Vision
Speaker: Rob Simopoulos, Founder and President, Defendify

Rob Simopoulos

The vision for physical and cybersecurity is coming together more and more each day. In this session you’ll garner the cybersecurity insight you want today to have the foresight you need for tomorrow.

During this keynote, Rob Simopoulos will discuss cyber threats to business today and how to minimize your risk. Learn why cybersecurity is a program, not a project, and how a strong cybersecurity posture requires multiple layers of protection. Cybersecurity can seem complicated, but his presentation simplifies the conversation using straight talk, not tech talk.

With a better overall awareness of the threats we face and cybersecurity, in general, system integrators naturally begin to consider how they might add cybersecurity to their lineup. Simopoulos explores what it means for system integrators to incorporate cybersecurity and how to pivot and provide solutions that add value and revenue.

Be sure not to miss this timely and topical session providing a unique look into the evolving cybersecurity landscape for you, your business and your customers.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

With the level of threat to critical infrastructure at an all-time high, this is one of the fastest growing areas within security, as advancements in technology are making it possible to take a more preventive, and predictive approach to security that factors in both physical and cybersecurity threats.

This is a must-see session as security leads from Pentagon Force Protection Agency and the MTA discuss some key security overhaul projects they are overseeing with a top Axis Communications subject matter expert on critical infrastructure.

Colby Meshey, Deputy Director, Security Services, Pentagon Force Protection Agency
James Ell, Electronic Security Services Branch Chief, Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Kevin Didden, Senior Manager, Security Programs and Administration, MTA
Joe Morgan, Business Development Manager for Critical Infrastructure, Axis Communications

Moderator: Mike Lavway, Senior Manager, Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG), Aronson Security Group (ASG)

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